Downsides to Cable TV vs. Satellite

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What are downsides to cable TV?

Downsides to Cable TV vs. Satellite

More and more advances are being made in how people watch television. Cable has expanded to digital cable and there are also the major satellite providers. How can people choose when all options appear so similar? The truth is that they are not so similar and there are major differences that should be accounted for. Here are a few of the downsides to cable vs. satellite TV.

First, with cable, you are often restricted in which channels you can receive. Certain pay channels and expanded channels are not offered by all cable providers. With satellite, you can get every channel that is available, no matter where you live. Also, with cable, your access to high definition programming can be very limited. Most cable providers have yet to expand their HD programming to include all available channels. With satellite, you can get access to all of the available HD channels on the air. Lastly, with cable TV, you cannot access many of the sports packages that are offered on satellite. Whether you prefer the NFL or March Madness, certain sports are only available from satellite.

There are many other downsides to cable television, but there are many upsides as well. Do what you can to educate yourself as to all of these before you decide on your home TV solution.



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