Not Enough High Definition in Your Area? Be Patient, It Is Coming

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Why are there so few high definition channels in my area?

Not Enough High Definition in Your Area? Be Patient, It Is Coming

Many subscribers to high definition TV find that the programming and channels available in their area are limited. I, for example, still do not get Fox in high definition. It's okay; because we can all rest assured that what is not available now will certainly be available in the future. All major networks are now offering their signals in high definition it is just a matter of the cable provider providing it.

Contact your satellite TV or cable provider and inquire as to which high definition channels are coming soon to their service. If they cannot give you concrete answers, chances are that there are no plans in place. If this is the case, go ahead and express your unhappiness with their programming selection. Voicing your opinion as a subscriber is the best way to help move the process along. But make sure that they do not shift the focus of your call and that they report your request for more expanded high definition programming.

As the consumer, you can apply the pressure that is often needed for change to occur. One thing is for sure, due to mandated regulations, all providers will be required to offer high definition programming in the future. Therefore, even if your voice is not heard, soon enough you will get what you want anyway.



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