Widescreen – A Huge Benefit of High Definition Television

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Why is high definition television in widescreen?

Widescreen – A Huge Benefit of High Definition Television

Imagine watching a football game and seeing much more of the field in every shot. Imagine watching a movie on a pay channel without seeing those bothersome black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. Well, these are realities with high definition television. With high definition television, you get the benefit of a wide screen aspect ratio.

Almost every movie is filmed in wide screen aspect ratio and when they make it to TV, they are formatted and lose much of the original perspective. Now, you can watch exactly what the director filmed. Sports on a high definition television take on a whole new light. Beyond the better picture, having a wide screen aspect ratio makes it so you can see a whole lot more of the game.

On a typical telecast of an NBA game for example, you can only see from the basket to the three-point line. On a high definition television in wide screen, you will see well beyond half court. Similarly, in football, you will see a lot more yardage at one time with a high definition television view. These are just a few of the reasons that you will enjoy watching high definition television in wide screen.

If you do not have one, get a wide screen aspect ratio television for watching you high definition programming. Watching it any other way is taking away from the experience and enjoyment.



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