Tweaking Your Satellite Dish

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Can I adjust my satellite dish on my own?

Tweaking Your Satellite Dish

Have you noticed a slightly worse reception from your satellite dish recently? If that's the case, chances are that it has fallen out of optimal alignment. This is a problem than anyone, well, any two people can fix together. I say two people because it takes two to tweak – one to move the satellite dish and one to watch the reception.

If you are going to tackle this job, be sure you have a partner. While you are repositioning your satellite dish, the partner can be watching the closest television to see how your movements affect the picture. Once the picture is back to pristine, the second person will be needed to re-fasten the dish to its mounting unit.

No matter how you mount your satellite dish, you will want to make it sturdy this time so that it will not fall back out of alignment any time soon. Some people can never get the picture to where they want it, no matter how much tweaking they do on their own. If this happens to you, contact your satellite provider and ask them about having a technician come out to inspect your problem. This will usually be done free of charge and get you the best results.



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