About the Public Radio Satellite System

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What is the public radio satellite system?

About the Public Radio Satellite System

Have you ever wondered how public radio stations are able to get their programming content? One of the greatest ways is through the Public Radio Satellite System.

The Public Radio Satellite System is a network where thousands of hours of news, music, and specialized audience programming are delivered every year to public radio stations throughout the United States. The Public Radio Satellite System is managed by National Public Radio Distribution. Each Participating Station has a stake in the collective assets of, and services provided by, the satellite system. Interconnected stations own their own downlink and uplink equipment. The satellite transponder capacity, as well as the national operating system equipment located in Washington, is owned by the Public Radio Satellite Interconnection System Charitable Trust.

The Public Radio Satellite System includes over 400 downlinks, and over 250 program producers and distributors. Many additional stations also receive programming sent over the satellite through local connections with downlink stations. Located at NPR headquarters in Washington, DC, the System Technical Center is the heart of all the satellite system's operations.

This information was provided by the Public Radio Satellite System at www.prss.org. If you are interested in starting a public radio station, check their website out for details on how you can get started.



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