Installation of DirecTV vs. Cable Television

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How complicated is the installation of DirecTV vs. cable television?

Installation of DirecTV vs. Cable Television

If you have recently moved or are just thinking of changing your television service, you should consider the installation and set up of all of your options when making your choice. If you are choosing between DIRECTV vs. cable TV, here are a few of the differences between the installations of each. You should contact each for more detailed information before making your decision.

Signing up for digital cable service is fairly simple. First, you will want to contact you local provider and establish an account. After you have chosen your level of service and channel selections, you will be provided with a digital converter box and the necessary cables to install the unit. Basically, you just need to connect the cable line from the wall directly to your converter box and then connect the output form the converter box to the input on your television. You can use coaxial, s-video, or component video cables for installing most digital converter boxes. Once you have this done, you should be ready to watch.

If signing up for cable is fairly simple then signing up for DIRECTV is the simplest. Once you call and order the DIRECTV system a professional installer will contact you to set up an installation appointment. The good thing is that most DIRECTV systems come with free installation. The satellite dish that is required for DIRECTV will be mounted where it will have a clear line of site to the southern sky. After the dish is installed, the installer will install the receivers you ordered. The installer will connect the output from the dish to the input on the receiver and then the output from the receiver to the input on your TV.



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