Downloading Your Favorite TV Show – Now A Reality for Some

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Can I legally download my favorite TV show?

Downloading Your Favorite TV Show – Now A Reality for Some

You can hardly watch an hour of TV, read a magazine, or go on the Internet anymore without seeing at least some form of advertising for the iPod media players from Apple. Now, the video iPod is presenting new options to TV lovers everywhere. In conjunction with several TV studios, Apple and the video iPod now allow people to download and save their favorite TV show each week for a small fee. This news is still developing as the technology is being ironed out.

However, ABC is now offering downloads of new episodes of Lost for only 99 cents a piece. These shows can be downloaded from iTunes or ABC and carried with you for that long plane flight or boring day at work (don't worry, we won't tell your boss). If you have a video iPod or other means to download video files, see if your favorite TV show is available for download. You never know when you may miss an episode. If you do, be sure to see if there is a service available for you to safely, legally, download your TV show.

If it isn't available now, you can bet it soon will be as many in the industry believe that these types of services are the future of television programming.



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