Satellite TV Frequently Asked Questions

Should I register online for DirecTV programming guides?

Whatís coming up on HBO next year?

How can I get Showtime on my satellite programming?

Does Cinemax have any original programming?

How did OLN get NHL hockey coverage?

What hunting shows are on the Outdoor Life Network?

How do I go about programming my DirecTV remote control?

What shows on HBO Family are best for kids?

Which Showtime original shows are worth watching?

Which TV shows should I add to my regular viewing schedule?

Can I legally download my favorite TV show?

What is one of the biggest benefits of digital TV?

What are some things to look for when I am buying a new TV?

Can I find local TV listing information online?

What options are there for recording a TV show at home?

How do I go about subscribing to digital TV?

How can I repair a broken coaxial cable?

What are the costs of digital cable vs. satellite TV?

How complicated is the installation of DirecTV vs. cable television?

What are the different connection options for my digital cable TV converter unit?

Can a major storm cause a long outage for my satellite TV service?

Can I buy custom mounting kits for my satellite TV dish?

Why is a component video cable so expensive?

How do I know if my homeownerís association will allow a satellite dish on my home?

Can I install a TV satellite dish on my RV?

What is the public radio satellite system?

Can I get free satellite TV installation from the main dish providers?

What are some features of satellite TV that I should know about?

How do I get my satellite TV repaired after a catastrophe?

Can I adjust my satellite dish on my own?

Can I get a TV satellite dish for my boat?

How do I get multiple DirecTV units for multiple TVs in my house?

What are some quick tips for my DVR?

What makes Tivo unique from other DVRs?

Should I combine DirecTV & Tivo together in my entertainment setup?

Does DirecTV offer its own DVR unit?

What should I know about a digital video recorder before I buy one?

How do I set up a scheduled recording on my DVR?

Can I burn shows that I have on my TIVO to DVD or CD?

Can I skip through commercials with a DirecTV TIVO?

Can I record multiple shows at one time on a DirecTV DVR?

How can I free up space on my digital video recorder?

What are the advantages of pausing TV with my DVR?

What is the agreement with Nielsen and TiVO?

How do I replace my DirecTV receiver is it is broken?

What DirecTV equipment do I need to set up my system?

Where can I get a DirecTV satellite receiver for a lower price?

How can I get a free DirecTV dish and receiver with my subscription?

How do I mount and install my DirecTV satellite dish?

What model of DirecTV receiver is right for me?

How do I know where to point my DirecTV dish?

Should I get professional DirecTV installation for my home?

Where can I find professional DirecTV installers?

How do I go about installing DirecTV on a boat?

How do I install DirecTV in an apartment building?

Where can I find how to install a DirecTV dish on my camper?

How can I get the best connection from my dish in DirecTV installation?

What is the DirecTV sports NFL Sunday Ticket?

Where can I find a DirecTV sports schedule?

What college sports are available from DirecTV sports packages?

What is the NFL Sunday Ticket SuperFan addition this year?

Can DirecTV college sports packages give more coverage than other providers?

Can I get MLS coverage from DirecTV sports packages?\

Where can I get information about DirecTV sports packages?

How do I order NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV?

Can I upgrade my DirecTV system to new equipment?

What are the additional costs of Dish vs. DirecTV satellite systems?

Do I need more than one Dish Network Satellite dish to power multiple rooms in my home?

Can I get all NFL games on DirecTV each week?

What type of audio should I use for my DirecTV system?

Should I repair a broken Dish Network satellite dish or just replace it?

Are sports better to watch in HDTV?

How do I use an HDTV antenna?

Should I get my movie channels in high definition?

Why is high definition television in widescreen?

How do I get a Direct TV high definition receiver?

What types of cables should I use to connect my high definition receiver?

Does HDTV have programming for nature lovers?

Why are there so few high definition channels in my area?

What should I look for in a high definition television?

What programming comes with Direct TV high definition service?

How much has HDTV grown in recent years?

What are downsides to cable TV?

What action sports are on the Outdoor Life Network?

What's the advantage of shopping for satellite TV services and accessories with an online retailer?

What are the pros and cons of satellite TV and cable TV?

What are some tips on interactive TV DVRs offer?

Is there a way to lock my kids out of certain satellite TV channels?

What can I do if I don't have a phone jack in the wall near my satellite TV setup?

Is it necessary to get a surge protector if I have satellite TV service?

Is there a simple way to juggle multiple remotes involved with having a satellite TV service along with a home entertainment system?

Is there a way to enjoy my satellite TV while I'm on the road?

Is XM radio available with satellite TV subscriptions?

do you need a phone line for satellite tv and or internet access?

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