Advantages to Satellite TV in a Major Storm

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Can a major storm cause a long outage for my satellite TV service?

Advantages to Satellite TV in a Major Storm

Recently, there have been several major storms that have greatly increased the awareness of their dangers. Beyond the dangers of these storms are the inconveniences. Millions of people have been left without power, phones, or television for weeks at a time. Even after power is returned, phone and television services may not immediately follow.

Those with satellite TV have an advantage in these situations for one reason: their signal comes from above and not from local wiring. You see, most of the TV loss after a major storm is from downed cable lines or junction boxes that were hit by lightning. If you have a satellite dish for your TV service, you can have your TV back as soon as the power is back on. All you have to do is make sure that your dish was not damaged from wind or rain. As long as it is still properly mounted and receiving power, you should have no problem getting your signal once the skies are clear.



6/7/2009 5:00:25 PM
Bill said:

It seemingly takes very little precipitation (snow, rain) to interrupt satellite reception ("Please wait while the satellite signals are reacquired"). A "Major Storm" is the exception, not the rule. Consequently, if you live in an area with frequent, minor storms you could experience frequent interruptions.


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