HBO – A Year to Look Forward To

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What’s coming up on HBO next year?

HBO – A Year to Look Forward To

HBO has made a reputation that goes far beyond a ‘movie channel'. Their original programming has placed them at the height of all television. Some of the HBO original favorites such as Sex and the City and Oz has had their run, but don't worry, the new HBO programming and the resurgence of some other old favorites makes the upcoming season one to subscribe for.

This coming year, HBO will finally bring the Sopranos franchise back from the dead. Many people wonder what is coming, well here is a spoiler. Apparently, the script is being written as if the last 2 years have gone by, as in real time. As if the long break wasn't enough, now the stories that last season ended with will certainly not get swift conclusions (What did happen to that Russian guy in the Pine Barrens?)

Other HBO programming will be back such as Entourage and the always hilarious Curb Your Enthusiasm. The comedies and dramas that HBO puts out there only get more dramatic and even funnier with each passing year – and 2006 will be another one for certain.



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